Shhynx 人面獅身預言家



位於 Forgotten Pyramid , Lost Lands Desert 便可找到人面獅身。

其實這頭不只是供大家賺錢的怪獸,他更有一項特別功能,便是預言了。你只要按他的context menu, 便會發現他有 "tell fortune" 的功能,但玩家必須要付上 $5000 元現金作占卜費,給予金錢後,他會為玩家占卜隨機給你預言,而每一個預言更會對玩家附加特別效果,而每一個預言效果會長達24小時效力,所以額有意思呵。


  • Your endurance shall protect you from your enemies blows.
    (+1 to +15 Physical Resistance)

  • Your wounds in battle shall run deep.
    (-1 to -15 Physical Resistance)

  • A smile will be upon your lips, as you gaze into the infernos.
    (+1 to +15 Fire Resistance)

  • The fires of the abyss shall tear asunder your flesh.
    (-1 to -15 Fire Resistance)

  • The ice of ages will embrace you, and you will embrace it alike.
    (+1 to +15 Cold Resistance)

  • Winter's Touch shall be your undoing
    (-1 to -15 Cold Resistance)

  • Your blood runs pure and strong.
    (+1 to +15 Poison Resistance)

  • Your veins will freeze with poison's chill.
    (-1 to -15 Poison Resistance)

  • Your flesh shall endure the power of storms.
    (+1 to +15 Energy Resistance)

  • The wise will seek to avoid the anger of storms.
    (-1 to -15 Energy Resistance)

  • Fate smiles upon you this day.
    (+1 to +80 Luck)

  • Only fools take risks in fate's shadow.
    (-1 to -80 Luck)

  • The flow of the ether is strong within you.
    (+1 or more to Mana Regeneration)

  • Your connection with the ether is weak, take heed.
    (-1 or more to Mana Regeneration)

  • The power of alchemy shall thrive within you.
    (+5% to 25% Enhance Potions)

  • The strength of alchemy will fail you.
    (-5% to 25% Enhance Potions)

著者 : 大魔導Alan

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