Doom Gary The Dungeon Master

為了紀念去世的Dungeon & Dragon的合夥開發者 Gary (1938-2008) ,UO小組決定於 P51 之後在Doom Level 1 最上方中間位置的房間放置了 Gary 的 NPC 作為紀念。

內裡除了放置了 NPC Gary The Dungeon Master 外還擺設了一本書 The RuleBook 及 Ultima Online (像棋盤),旁邊還有 3 隻會自動變生物形狀的雕像。

只要玩家進入房間內, Gary 會說一句問候語 "Ah Visitor!",隨即便會擲骰子 D20 (藍色寶石),這是會決定召喚那種生物來招呼玩家,當然是攻擊你,不是來和你泡茶。

Gary 擲骰子 D20 能召喚出的生物共有20種,暫知道的有:
01 - a bone daemon
02 - a skeletal knight
03 - a skeletal mage
04 - a dark guardian
05 - a devourer of souls
06 - a flesh golem
07 - a gibberling
09 - a lich
10 - a lich lord
11 - a mummy
12 - patchwork skeleton
14 - restless soul
15 - a rottinf corpse (曉用超級龍龍息及龍的吼聲)
16 - a skeletal dragon
17 - a vanpire bat
18 - a wailing banshee
19 - a wanderrer of the void
20 - Game Master

如果大家能召喚Game Master,不知可以對他做什麼呢? 請他泡茶吧...

另外,如果玩家按下藍色寶石骰子 D20,會有以下訊息及扣血29~33HP:
You're blasted back in a blaze of light! This d20 is not yours to roll...

按下 Ultima Online 棋盤,畫面會閃了黑色及有以下訊息:
You find yourself inexplicably drawn into the world lovingly etched upon the game board. Entire nations and peoples, lands and oceans, even histories and legends pass before your eyes...

按下書本 The RuleBook,畫面會閃了白光及有以下訊息:
0) If you have to ask, you'll never know.

1) You may not harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to another player.

4) You may not impersonate any Ultima Online Customer Support representative or other employee of Origin Systems.

5) You may not market, promote or advertise anything, or make any other form of solicitation (including pyramid schemes and chain letters) on the Ultima Online Service or through the Ultima Online Web Site.

6) You may not violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation.

7) You may not modify any part of the Ultima Online Service or Web Site that Origin Systems does not specifically authorize you to modify.

10) You may not use the Ultima Online Service or the Ultima Online Web Site for any activities other than activities that are permitted within the game world.

14) You will not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Ultima Online Service.

15) You will not exploit any bug in the Ultima Online product or the Ultima Online Service to gain unfair advantage in the game and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user of the Ultima Online Service.

18) You will not do anything else that interferes with the ability of other Ultima Online users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases the expense or difficulty of Origin in maintaining the Ultima Online Service for the enjoyment of all its users.

P.S. 如果打完召喚生物,再想擲骰子打多一次求得GM,回城 recall 回來便可以。

著者 : 大魔導Alan

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